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December 2015


Amber is 31 years old and was raised in Jacksonville, Florida with two older sisters and two brothers. She has five children: one boy and four girls. When Amber’s dad passed away, her family and her whole life fell apart. He was her world, and it broke her heart.

She constantly thinks about the good times she had with him and how much he meant to her. However, she still feels blessed to have her children, who she says are the reason she is still here today. They are her reason to see another day. She wants them to have a better life and future than she had herself.  

Her whole life changed when she met her current partner, James, in 2008 when her third child was only three months old. James accepted her children as if they were his own. He was born and raised in a small town in Alabama and has five sisters. He is a very hard worker that only wants the best for his family. He loves scary movies and likes waking up to see his family every day. Even though Amber and James are not yet married, they hope to do so in the future.

Amber’s Perfect Day

Amber’s perfect day would be a day where she can spend time with her family at home. She would love to have a place where she can make her own memories with her family like she did with her father.

Amber’s Ideal Dinner Guest

Amber’s ideal dinner guest would be her own dad so that her children would have the chance to meet him and see what a wonderful father he was. Even though it has been 11 years since he passed, Amber says it still feels like it was just yesterday. She would like to spend one last dinner with him as a whole big family and just enjoy the moment.

Amber’s Greatest Accomplishment

Amber’s greatest accomplishment is raising her children and watching them grow up to see all that they have (and will) accomplish. Her children are the reason for living and never giving up at life, even through the difficult times.

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