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April 2016


I was born in Miami, Florida. I had six other siblings, two sisters and four brothers. One of my brothers, Darryl, is now deceased. I lived in Miami by myself until 2010. I have been married twice and divorced twice. I raised my boyfriend’s kids, three of them, since they were babies. I have spent a lot of time helping rehabilitate children and young people. I have also spent a lot of time helping out with elderly people. Anybody in need who came along, I was happy to help them. Nurturing came very naturally to me and I greatly enjoy helping raise children, feeding people, and just generally giving back. I was very active in the community in Miami.

I used to have a kids club (I Am Kids Club was the name of the organization) that I funded largely by myself with some contributions from the community. I ran this organization for almost 8 years.

I used to go to parks and cook for people. I get a lot of pleasure out of feeding people because I know that they are being nourished. If I can feed someone, I know that they’ve gotten at least one hot meal in them. I look forward to being able to give back again.

For what in life do you feel most grateful for?

Everything in life, especially my health. My health is important to me because I like being able to do things for myself, and good health allows me to do that.

What is your greatest accomplishment in life?

Taking and completing an interior decorating and floral design course. I got some books for the course and taught myself at home.  I enjoy helping others improve their appearance so that they can feel better about themselves and be more successful in life. Everybody feels good when they look good. When a person knows that others care about them, it really lifts them up.

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