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January 2020


Where did you grow up and what did you like about your home town?

I grew up on Pompano Beach, FL. It was a small home town. I enjoyed my friends and my school

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

I have 9 brothers and 4 sisters. Two of my brothers have passed away. My siblings live all over the country. I have one son who is 19 years old. He lives in Indiana and is going to be studying to be a doctor at University of Notre Dame

Do you have any goals you would like to achieve in the short term, long term, or both?

My long term goal is to get back into my automatic irrigation system business. My short-term goal is to move into my new home by January 1st.

Given a choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest and why?

If I could have anyone as a dinner guest, I would choose my son and his mother. I am very proud of all of my son’s accomplishments and my son’s mother did a great job raising him. I would cook stuffed cabbages, french fries with a side salad. 

What is your greatest accomplishment in life? 

My greatest accomplishment in life would be to get my business going again and for it to grow. I miss being my own boss and being able to set my own schedule. I like dealing with people, most of my clients were very nice.

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