Patrice’s Story








September 2019


Patrice Longmire grew up in Pensacola,  FL, raised by her great- grandmother. She knows firsthand what life is like when your mother is an addict and everyone in town knows about it.  Patrice also knows the pain of losing a sister to AIDS, as well as, losing an admired brother to an undetected heart condition. Pain and loss have been a regular part of Patrice’s life.  However, Patrice believes God is faithful and eventually turns every disaster into a blessing. 

This mindset has enabled her to have a heartfelt compassion for all people who are experiencing homelessness, especially those who also have AIDS.  Just knowing there is someone out there who cares and will listen would make a huge positive difference in people’s lives, she believes. Patrice draws her strength by helping others.  Being able to be of service to others is one of her greatest accomplishments in life. That and her children and grandchildren are also what she is most grateful for. She says God put these people in her life for a reason.  Sometimes the best medicine is simply to listen and then tell the other person they are still loved anyway. Instead of allowing harsh circumstances to make her bitter, Patrice has used her negative experiences to brighten others.

This is why she left housing six months ago in Savannah,  GA to return to Tallahassee to help her daughter and 12 year old grandson, Darius.  Her daughter and Darius are struggling medically. The daughter has cervical cancer and Darius has already undergone surgery on his brain.  Their lease does not allow Patrice to live with them, but she has found a room to rent that she is able to afford on her salary as a cleaning service provider.  Patrice has saved for her rent and is requesting assistance for a $300 deposit.

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