Paula and Timmie’s Story








July 2019


Paula and Timmie first became homeless in 2017. Prior to leaving on a trip, Paula thought she had prepaid three month’s rent. Upon return, their landlord informed them that only two months had been paid. The family (Paula, Timmie, and their adult daughter, Emily) had a good relationship with this landlord, and he worked with them as they tried to catch up. Unfortunately, they were never able to catch up. Desperately trying to avoid a shelter, the family stayed in hotels and their car for as long as possible. They ended up at The Kearney Center for three months in 2017.

At the end of 2017, this family was able to move into a large home at the tiny home community, The Dwellings. The family was able to succeed there until May of 2019. At that time, Emily decided to relocate to Ocala to start her own life. Without her contributing income, Paula and Timmie could no longer afford their home in The Dwellings. The couple repeatedly tried to get permission to move into a smaller/less expensive home in the same community. Unfortunately, the policy was that only a single individual could reside in a small sized tiny home. Paula and Timmie ended up back at Kearney again.

Paula and Timmie are very grateful for the emergency assistance that they have received at Kearney. However, they both miss being able to cook their own meals and watch television together on the couch after dinner.

What would constitute a perfect day for you?

An ideal day would be to cook their favorite meals (fried potatoes and pork chops or meatloaf) and then watch a movie (maybe Blazing Saddles) while eating popcorn.

For what in life do you feel most grateful for?

Both Paula and Timmie agree that the birth of their daughter, Emily, is their most treasured memory. They are proud that she currently works two jobs and is living in Ocala with her fiancé.

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