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December 2017


Ms. Rachel Whiddon visited her oldest daughter Makayla here in Tallahassee who was giving birth to her second child. After visiting her daughter for a month she went back to her home in North Carolina to only find out that her house was broken into during that time away. Ms. Rachel lost everything that she owned. From pictures, to clothes, to dishes and food. Herself and her younger children did not feel safe anymore living in that area/house and decided to drive back to Tallahassee and move in with Makayla. 

About Rachel

Rachel grew up in a small town in Perry, Florida. She graduated in 1997, got married, and had four children throughout the years. She had goals on becoming a psychologist by the age of 24. At the age of 18 her father contracted a deadly disease that left him with no money. This pushed Rachel to get a job and help her father out. She quickly got promoted as a manager in a small retail shop. Rachel has gone through some incredibly difficult times and has importantly taken care of her children during these times.

What her goals are going forward

Rachel’s goals include going back to school and pursuing her dreams on becoming a psychologist. Her main reason for this is because she would love to help individuals that are going through hardship, which she has experienced in the past. “If one day I can help save just one person’s life, my heard would be forever touched”.

What she is most grateful for

She is most grateful to god, he has allowed her to see past the bad news and know that there will be better days ahead. She is happy to be around helping her daughter and son in anyway possible. Another reason she is grateful is looking at the smile of her grandson.

Her words to potential donors

She and her family cannot say thank you enough for what you may possibly help her out with. Not knowing where you and your children are going to sleep or eat daily is something no one should ever have to go through. 

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