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April 2017


Tamara grew up in Chaires, which is just a little bit East of Tallahassee. She is very proud of this area because of the rural environment. She enjoys being distant from the city, which she feels is too hectic.

She would often come to the city to work and then return back to Chaires for peace and quiet at night. She does visit her hometown on the weekends, and the majority of her family still resides there.

Unfortunately, Tamara’s twin brother passed away last year. His death took a toll on her life since they were very close, and she is still in the grieving process of his death. Despite being divorced, Tamara has three children that she loves very much.

Her divorce from her husband did not damage the relationship between her, her ex-husband, or her kids, and she is grateful for that. She also has a sister who is a pharmacist, and both of them still depend on one another emotionally.

Tamara is looking for funding for a past utility bill. Once she has received the necessary funds to pay off the bill, she will be able to move into a new home and support herself and her three children.

Tamara’s Interests

Tamara’s favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast. She sees herself in the character Belle, who was happy with living a simpler life similar to her life in Chaires. She resembles Belle in that they both like to read and do not need much to live a good life.

Her favorite music is old school RnB and Hip-Hop. At one point in her life, she was known as a ghost writer, writing music for various artists. A few of her favorite artists are Boys of Poison and TLC.

Tamara’s favorite foods are soul food and seafood dishes. She loves to cook soul food recipes that she learned from her grandmother. She started learning cooking at a very young age, and she continues to get better over time.

Tamara’s Perfect Day

Tamara’s perfect day is the day she finally moves into her own home. In her previous situation, she was dependent solely on her husband. He paid the bills, took care of the children, as well as her wants and needs.

Now that she is a member of Tallahassee’s HOPE Community, she is learning lifelong skills to support herself and her children. With her own home, she will be independent and is grateful that she can teach her children how to be self-sufficient, as well.

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