Vanderick is housed

Vanderick has been sporadically homeless since he left his childhood home at the age of 14.  He has slept with friends, other family members, and “on the streets” more nights than he can remember.  He has never had his own place, and desperately wants a stable residence for himself and his eleven-year-old daughter.  He desperately […]

Cheryl is housed

Cheryl became homeless in 2018 after she was informally evicted from the basement apartment she was “renting.”  Cheryl did not have a legal lease to protect her housing.  Instead, Cheryl had a verbal agreement with the owner that she could reside in the basement in exchange for cleaning labor.  Cheryl agreed to clean and improve […]

James is housed

Mr. Stevons became homeless in 2019 after becoming ill and unable to work.  He was in and out of the homeless shelter, finally staying there full-time when he lost his housing.  Mr. Stevons has been referred to Permanent Supportive Housing and must pay a past due utility bill to be able to have utility service in […]

Jakeria and Malik are housed

This couple fell behind in their rent and utilities after the birth of their third child two months ago.  His job for the previous year at a construction site ended due to that project being completed.  She lost her job while hospitalized for a necessary cesarean section.  He has recently obtained employment, but the family […]

Rodrick is housed

Rodrick became homeless after a stroke in September, 2020.  Loss of his job and income led to a loss of his housing.  For several months, he was able to live with his brother in the same area, but his brother eventually sold the home causing Rodrick to have to relocate.  He moved to Tallahassee where […]