Cheryl became homeless in 2018 after she was informally evicted from the basement apartment she was “renting.”  Cheryl did not have a legal lease to protect her housing.  Instead, Cheryl had a verbal agreement with the owner that she could reside in the basement in exchange for cleaning labor.  Cheryl agreed to clean and improve the home in lieu of paying rent.  When the owner decided to allow another person to live there instead, Cheryl had no choice but to leave. She has been accepted into housing and needs assistance with her past due utility bill.


Our program, Unhoused Humanity is assisting her with the funds to exit out of unsheltered homelessness are raising $454.18, so that we can continue to assist individuals and families exit out of homelessness or avoid entering into homelessness. Please help us continue to support those in need by donating here!


Cheryl is most grateful for her family, both the ones who are still alive as well as the ones who have passed.  The first thing she did when she found out she was being accepted into a place to live was to text her daughter.  Her daughter was pleased and relieved that her mom has a stable place to live.  Cheryl is eager to have her daughter and granddaughters visit her in Tallahassee.  This is the first time in several years that Cheryl has housing that is legitimate and protected by a lease, not an under the table deal that leaves her vulnerable.

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