This couple fell behind in their rent and utilities after the birth of their third child two months ago.  His job for the previous year at a construction site ended due to that project being completed.  She lost her job while hospitalized for a necessary cesarean section.  He has recently obtained employment, but the family will be evicted if the past due amount is not paid prior to his first paycheck.

Jakeria and Malik are most grateful for the birth of three healthy children.  They are also grateful to have an opportunity to remain in the apartment in which they have lived for the past three years.  They are grateful to have the support of friends and extended family as well.  Having the support from their children’s grandparents will help this couple return to school to fulfill their career dreams. Jakeria’s long-term goal is to become an RN and Malik often talks about wanting to become a firefighter.

Our new program, Unhoused Humanity is assisting them with the necessary funds in order for this family to avoid entering homelessness. We are raising $1,970.86 so that we can continue to assist individuals and families exit out of homelessness or avoid entering into homelessness. Please help us continue to support those in need by donating here!

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