Mr. Stevons became homeless in 2019 after becoming ill and unable to work.  He was in and out of the homeless shelter, finally staying there full-time when he lost his housing.  Mr. Stevons has been referred to Permanent Supportive Housing and must pay a past due utility bill to be able to have utility service in his name and obtain his unit


James is most grateful just for being alive. After literally living in a campsite in the woods for the past year, James’ health has declined.  He is ready to come out of the woods while remaining committed to helping others do the same.  James could not help others experiencing homelessness as effectively if he had not had the same experiences.  He is grateful for his housing opportunity, but does not regret his opportunity to help others.


Our program, Unhoused Humanity is assisting him with these expenses. We are raising $710.95 so that we can continue to assist individuals and families exit out of homelessness or avoid entering into homelessness. If you would like to assist us with continuing to support individuals in need, like Mr. Stevons, donate here!

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