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Access to Independence

What is Access to Independence?

The purpose of the Access to Independence (ATI) program is to ensure that low-income persons with disabilities have the necessary home modification, durable medical equipment, and incontinence supplies that will allow them to remain safely in their homes and be as independent in their care as possible.  The success of the program is due to the generosity of our community. Grant funding received from the Department of Education, Division of Vocation Rehabilitation, City of Tallahassee, United Way of the Big Bend, along with many donations of time, money, and equipment, help us to meet our goals.

How does it help?

The overall goals of our programming are to improve the home accessibility of vulnerable adults with disabilities who are at risk of institutionalization, improve the overall mobility and self-care capacity of adults with physical disabilities, increase effectiveness and ease for caregivers to meet the care needs of disabled family members.

Who is this program for?

Adults in Leon, Wakulla, Madison, Taylor, and Gadsden counties with temporary and/or permanent disabilities that meet low-income guidelines are eligible for assistance.

How do I apply?

For more information on accessing durable medical equipment and incontinence products reach out to Savannah Middlebrooks, Accessibility and Mobility Specialist, at savannahmiddlebrooks@ability1st.info. You may also fill out the Mobility Ramps and Steps Application and send back to Timmy Dyke, ATI Coordinator, at timmydyke@ability1st.info.

Mobility Ramps And Steps Application

Please explain the need and how this will improve the applicant’s quality of life.

Applicant Information

Do you own or rent your home?
If you rent, please provide a letter with this application from the owner granting Ability 1st permission to modify the property.
*To process the application, please provide proof of each household member’s income. If you live alone and are receiving Medicaid benefits, a copy of your Medicaid card is sufficient documentation

Disclaimer and Signature
1. This application and supportive documentation will be processed in the order it was received.

2. Once reviewed by the Program Coordinator, a site visit will be scheduled. A visit to the property helps Ability1st estimate the cost, time, and any potential risks associated with the construction.  Please keep in mind that our projects are limited to the availability of funds and volunteers. Based on your household income, we may request that you share the cost of the construction.

3. Once site is reviewed and project is approved, we will add your name to our Ability 1st Mobility Ramps and Steps Project List and ask that you complete a Consumer Intake form to obtain some additional information required for us a recognized Center for Independent Living.

You will be notified when we are ready to schedule the construction

Who Is Ability1st?

In short, we are a community-based organization offering support services, advocacy, and information to empower people with disabilities to live independently. Ability1st is operated and governed by people with disabilities for people with disabilities.

The goal of all Centers for Independent Living is to empower people with disabilities to take charge of their lives and guide their own destinies. We are a community-based non profit organization that provides services to people with varying disabilities in Leon, Jefferson, Madison, Taylor, Gadsden, and Wakulla counties.

Our Mission

Ability1st, the Center for Independent Living of North Florida, is a community-based nonprofit organization that provides services to persons with varying disabilities. Our mission is to empower people with disabilities to live independently and enhance their quality of life.

Contact Us

1823 Buford Court
Tallahassee, Florida 32308
Phone: (850) 575-9621
Fax: (850) 575-5740
E-mail: contact@ability1st.info

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