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What Is the SHIP Home Accessibility Program?

The SHIP (State Housing Initiative Partnership) Home Accessibility Program is dedicated to making crucial home improvements that enhance the safety, accessibility, and comfort of homes for individuals with disabilities or special needs. The program focuses on eliminating health, safety, and architectural barriers, making homes more navigable and conducive to the needs of its residents.

Who Is Eligible?

This program is crafted for homeowners residing within the city limits, who either have a disability or live with someone with special needs. The homeowner’s income should not exceed specified limits, the property must be homesteaded, and it should fall within the HUD-determined HOME Maximum Purchase Price Limits.

Enhancing Home Accessibility

By implementing essential modifications such as installing handrails, constructing wheelchair ramps, adjusting kitchen countertops, and more, the program facilitates an independent living experience for the beneficiaries. It aims to make substantial home adaptations that allow individuals to live safely and comfortably in a familiar environment without facing the need to shift to a more restrictive setting.

Application Process

To learn more and initiate the application process, interested individuals can reach out to Shelley Shaul, SHIP Coordinator, at (850) 575-9621. Detailed guidance will be provided, ensuring applicants understand the prerequisites and steps involved in benefiting from the program.

Who Is Ability1st?

In short, we are a community-based organization offering support services, advocacy, and information to empower people with disabilities to live independently. Ability1st is operated and governed by people with disabilities for people with disabilities.

The goal of all Centers for Independent Living is to empower people with disabilities to take charge of their lives and guide their own destinies. We are a community-based non profit organization that provides services to people with varying disabilities in Leon, Jefferson, Madison, Taylor, Gadsden, and Wakulla counties.

Our Mission

Ability1st, the Center for Independent Living of North Florida, is a community-based nonprofit organization that provides services to persons with varying disabilities. Our mission is to empower people with disabilities to live independently and enhance their quality of life.

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