Rodrick became homeless after a stroke in September, 2020.  Loss of his job and income led to a loss of his housing.  For several months, he was able to live with his brother in the same area, but his brother eventually sold the home causing Rodrick to have to relocate.  He moved to Tallahassee where his mother resides, but she lives in a third-floor apartment.  Rodrick is an amputee and is unable to safely reside in a third-floor unit.

Rodrick’s greatest accomplishment in life is working.  He worked as a process chemical

operator for many years prior to his stroke.  Rodrick plans to return to some sort of job in the future.  He is tired “of staying inside” all of the time and enjoys the structure of having a job to wake up for.

Our program, Unhoused Humanity is assisting him with the move-in costs for an accessible unit. Roderick’s long-term goal is to maintain a life of independence. We are raising $965 so that we can continue to assist individuals and families exit out of homelessness or avoid entering into homelessness. If you would like to assist us with continuing to support individuals in need, like Roderick, donate here!

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