Unhoused Humanity
How it works Family seeks housing assistance Informed about Unhoused Humanity Case sent to Unhoused Humanity Donor funds a client
Mental Health Outreach
The Ability1st Mental Health Outreach program provides short-term engagement and supportive services for indigent and homeless people in our community with mental illness, substance
Street Outreach
The Ability1st Street Outreach Program provides services to those who are unsheltered and living with disabilities in Leon and Gadsden counties. Our coordinators engage
Sub Programs
Home Modifications
The Ability1st Home Modification Program, in conjunction with the State Housing Initiative Partnership Program (SHIP), provides home improvements necessary to eliminate health, safety and
Sub Programs
Youth Services
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Crime Victims Assistance
The Victims of Crime Assistance program serves people with disabilities who are victims of crimes, or victims who became disabled as a result of
Access to Independence
The Ability1st Access to Independence (ATI) program is made up of three components vital to our mission. The most well-known component of our ATI